After these past 8 weeks my attitude towards blogs have changed, I see them more as web activism than just diaries or journals. The way that blogs differ from one person to another shows that feminists and feminist agendas differ. I know that many people have misconceptions about feminists, either thinking that they are radical extremists, hate men, burn bras, etc. Blogs offer people the opportunity to see feminism from different points of view and let them clear up those misconceptions that they may have. I think blogs have as much cultural and political activism as newspapers and journals do. Blogs are more easily accessible than newspapers and journals because they are always online and giving feedback is much quicker and less troublesome. The Future of gender and blogging is looking great, more and more blogs focus on gender and transgendered issues which gives people more insight into gender issues. If the blog is written by a transgendered person it gives the reader a personal insight into what it's like to be transgendered. A personal point of view is more more interesting than a psychological experiment or a journal article.

Web 2.0 may greatly contribute greatly into the rise of feminism. As more and more blog readers become interested and eventually become feminists, more feminist blogs will be created. This could result in more feminists and feminism will continue to grow and and spread.

Q & A (Signs and Wonders Part 5)

I love reading the Q & A section of the magazines. Ask Amy is the answer to the Q&A section of a magazine but with a feminist touch. They have a variety of categories, ranging from work, children, media and politics. The site lets you go back to before the year 2000 and categorizes all of the questions. It's a very informative site and it may offer more advice than you may think! I read through some of the questions on abortion and though I am pro-choice I like that they take an unbiased stance and don't steer the reader in one direction or the other.

So please check out Ask Amy.

The Distortion of Beauty (Signs and Wonders 4)

I'm very happy to see Dove's real beauty campaigns and this video made me like them even more. I knew that pictures of models were photoshopped, but not to this extent. They also show real life women in their underwear so that young girls don't realize that all women on TV are victoria Secret angels. They also show older women, and I think that those ads are beautiful! I give Dove two thumbs up for posting real beauty, real bodies and real people in their advertisements. I'm sick and tired of all of the fake ads, all of the ads targeted to young men. Why do we have to feel fat, flat chested or ugly just so that they can market beer to guys?

Abortion Stories (Signs and Wonders 3)

Often you hear from abortions from the media both liberal and conservative but it's hardly ever heard from the point of view from the practitioner themselves. Abortion Clinic Days is a very interesting blog, the practitioners or abortion doctors tell their side of the story and make you look at different cases of abortions and you understand that it's more than just someone trying to erase a one night stand or their promiscuity.

One of the stories that made me feel a little upset was that of a girl whose mom gave her some pain medicine that her dying father takes. After still being in pain she realized that it was a medicine that terribly damages the fetus. She kept her pregnancy a secret so as not to hurt her father or fiance and to not bring a dead brain or extremely sick baby into the world.

It's worth checking out.

Henry Rollins loves Writing Letters (Signs and Wonders 2)

I found Henry Rollins a while back while watching IFC. If you aren't familiar with the channel, it's the Independent Film Channel. Henry Rollins is the lead singer of Blag Flag a punk band. What attracted me to him is that he's a very smart guy, insanely smart. He's also very opinionated on political and social issues and the way he expresses himself is both funny and offensive (at times) at the same time. He has his own show on IFC and if you go to IFC you can see his show and hear all the great stuff he has to talk about. You can also check him out on IFC on Friday nights! I enjoy hearing about his opinions and rants, especially the soap box segments.

Ali G on Feminism (Signs and Wonders 1)

I wasn't a very big fan of the movie Borat. I actually thought it was a bit stupid and ridiculous but I did run into this video by Ali G (the same guy as Borat) and though it was funny. It's not offensive and it did make me laugh. I think this proves that women are slightly more patient than men since this lady was very patient with the man, even though he was a big ignorant about feminism and well sex altogether. He has some other videos and just keep in mind that they are satirical and are not meant to be taken seriously. He does interviews with people, much like Stephen Colbert, so you should check out his other videos and have a good laugh!

They're going to turn tampons into rocketships.

In response to this post, I was disgusted not only by the commercial but also the fact that these are actors, not the real people who fear the storm.

I watched the commercial one day after class. I was eating lunch and when the commercial came on, I actually said out loud "Are you F***ing Sh***ing me?" Which is kind of weird since I was alone. Haha. In case you guys haven't seen it, here it is.

They're the same people who made this commercial:

I am going to address this in the same way the other post did. The woman who is a doctor who has to choose between her faith and her job. I would assume that a person becomes a doctor to help out those in need, so why pick and choose which lives you'll save? Hypothetically, say a woman comes into an emergency room because she was in a car crash and she is bleeding profusely, is a doctor allowed to not save her life because she is a lesbian? Is it ok for a doctor to just ignore the patient based on her religious beliefs? How would that doctor feel if she was in the same situation, a lesbian doctor not treating her because she's not a lesbian? It's downright unethical!

The second man, who said that his church group was punished for not supporting gay marriage, the blog had this response saying that "The New Jersey church group runs, and profits from, a beachside pavilion that it rents out to the general public for all manner of occasions –concerts, debates and even Civil War reenactments— but balks at permitting couples to hold civil union ceremonies there. The law does not challenge the church organization’s beliefs about homosexuality – it merely requires that a pavilion that had been open to all for years comply with laws protecting everyone from discrimination, including gays and lesbians."

So basically they are being punished for not abiding by the law, not for disapproving of gay marriage. Another way of exaggerating the truth.

The third case is of a woman who has to watch while her children are taught that gay marriage is ok. I don't believe that the teacher actually drills that gay marriage is ok to children, I think that they are basically teaching acceptance of others. Why is it wrong for children to learn acceptance but ok for children to learn about abstinence from a religious point of view? That's a double standard!

How is gay marriage going to change how a person lives? It's not like the law permits gay couples to move into a straight person's house and live there, it's just a really ridiculous comment to make.

A few days after that I watched this from the Colbert Report:

I ran into this while searching for the original video:

I think it's funny that they brought multi-cultural people into the commercial to see how accepting they were of other cultures, but in reality they're just trying to please everyone. They're really not accepting of anything, just their own beliefs.

I wish that the Colbert Commercial Aired right after the N.O.M commercial just so that people can see how ridiculous the N.O.M. Commercial is, and just to get a few laughs, haha.

Anyway, I think that if they wanted to make a stronger statement why not bring in some of those doctors that have to choose between their work and faith? How about members of that New Jersey church? A real mother who is suffering from her children learning about acceptance? Oh right, it would be ridiculous to bring the stories to life and not just have actors tell them instead.

Two thumbs down!
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